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Coronavirus PCR test

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This is a virtual consultation and laboratory testing service for individuals who are at risk or are suspected to have active COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection.

The test used is the international gold standard test method for the diagnosis of coronavirus infections: an RNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test.


We are able to facilitate testing for people with and without medical aid membership.

- If you are a member of a medical aid, your test fee is covered by the medical aid.

- If you do not have medical aid, your test fee includes both the cost of the PCR test and your virtual consultation. 


What does the fee cover:

- Initial eligibility screening

- 1x COVID-19 PCR test (if you have medical aid you will not pay for the actual cost of the test)

- Results reporting and follow-up advice

- Post-test virtual consultation*


What does the service not cover:

- Treatment or treatment costs related to diagnosis.

- Any other laboratory fees other than for the COVID-19 PCR test.

- Only the first consultation in relation to the test conducted is included in the service. If there is any ongoing care needed, you are advised to seek in-person help at your nearest appropriate healthcare service provider.

- This service does not replace in-person or emergency care.

Who Should Get Tested:

Testing will be prioritised for individuals that fulfill epidemiological and clinical case definitions and only if approved by one of our doctors.


Samples required:

Swab (oral or nasopharyngeal)



Average turnaround time:

1-3 working days


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* Digital consultation will be offered based on the results of the eligibility screen as well as test results