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HPV Test (Men)

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HPV is the virus responsible for over 90% of all cervical cancers and genital warts.

It is also increasingly found in cases of penile and oropharyngeal cancer.

Globally, HPV is one of the most common STDs and is also completely preventable through HPV vaccination. Testing for the HPV virus is a reliable and accurate method to screen for pre-cancerous lesions in women.

Currently, there is no recommended method to screen for HPV in men.

The urine PCR test for HPV is able to detect the HPV virus but it is less accurate than a cervical sample normally collected. Comparatively, it has been estimated to be 60-80% as accurate as a cervical sample in woman


Who Should Get Tested:

- Individuals who are at high risk of HPV exposure where there is no female partner or the female partner is unavailable for testing

- Individuals who understand the lower sensitivity for a male HPV test but would still like to get tested for their HPV status


Sub-types covered:

Highest cancer risk strains 16 & 18

12 Other high risk strains 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66 and 68


Samples required:



Recommended Window Period*

7-12 days after exposure


*This test is only available in the JHB area


Additional Info

HPV information

CDC HPV Fact Sheet


*The window period is the theoretical time period during which a person could be infected but the infection is undetectable by a test