HPV Vaccine

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Vaccination using Gardasil (4 strain vaccine) against the top cancer causing and top wart causing subtypes of the HPV virus.

3 doses are required to be fully vaccinated for adults, only 2 doses is needed if the recipient in under the age of 12

*Vaccination service currently only available in JHB area


Who Should Get Vaccinated:

The US FDA reccomends all men and woman under the age of 45 to be vaccinated against HPV


Sub-types covered:

16 & 18 - responsible for over 70% of all cervical cancer cases

6 & 11 - responsible for over 90% of all genital warts


What is included:

1 Dose of Gardasil

1 Nurse visit to your home/office for admin of vaccine


Additional Info

HPV information

CDC HPV Fact Sheet