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Getting Prescribed Medication in South Africa as a Tourist

Navigating a foreign country's healthcare system can be difficult for tourists who need to refill their prescribed medication. Fortunately, South Africa offers a well-established healthcare infrastructure that caters to the needs of both locals and visitors alike. Here's what tourists need to know about getting prescribed medication while in South Africa.

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How do I get prescription medication while traveling?

Buying over-the-counter medication in South Africa is straightforward - just pick a pharmacy near you and walk in. However, purchasing prescription medication requires a doctor's prescription and isn't as simple.

Luckily while visiting South Africa you have two options for getting your previous prescription renewed: 

  • South African Pharmacies
  • Use an Online Service


South African Pharmacies

In order to purchase medication you are required to have a valid prescription. The prescription can be issued by a doctor or a dispensing pharmacist. You may be able to receive your medication immediately during your appointment, or you will receive a prescription that can be used to purchase your medication from a pharmacy.

How do I find a doctor near me?

You can easily locate a nearby medical practice by searching terms like 'doctors near me' or 'doctors near me in [specific area, e.g., Sandton]' on the internet. This search will provide you with the practice's address and contact number, allowing you to book an appointment in advance. It's important to note that most medical practices require appointments to be made beforehand.


Use an Online Service

Fortunately, South Africa also provides professional and licensed healthcare online. This includes scheduling lab tests, obtaining a sick note, and having prescription medication delivered for a variety of conditions like a urinary tract infection, or erectile dysfunction.


How to renew your prescription online: Using a telehealth service

Order your medication online
Tell us what medication you need by uploading an old script or completing a medical assessment & make an easy online payment
Medical review
Our medical team will review your request and write a prescription, if medically appropriate
Delivery or visit a pharmacy
Based on your choice, get a PDF prescription via email or have your medication delivered (takes 3-5 days)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I run out of medication while on vacation in South Africa?

You can consult with local pharmacies or healthcare providers for alternatives or assistance in obtaining your medication, either in person or online.


 What are the prescription charges for overseas visitors?

 Prescription costs for international visitors vary depending on the country and healthcare system in place. In South Africa, most pharmacies and doctors do not charge extra if you are not a citizen.


Can a pharmacy fill a prescription from another country?

Most pharmacies are unable to fill prescriptions issued by healthcare providers in other countries due to legal and regulatory restrictions. However, while in South Africa, you can consult a medical doctor, who will issue you a prescription or medication that is similar to what you were previously prescribed.