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Long Covid / PASC Consultation

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This is a telephonic consultation with a doctor specializing in Long Covid /PASC / ME CFS. The service covers the following aspects (throughout the consultation process - this is not a once-off consultation)

- Initial assessment of your condition including basic baseline testing - Additional monitoring and diagnostics as required - Tracking of symptom clusters and progress - Treatment that can address these symptom clusters - Sharing the latest findings around Long Covid treatment - Addressing other culprits that can negatively affect the long-term COVID sufferer (e.g. other sources of inflammation/deficiency)


How does it work?

1. Request for medical info - Understand your journey to date, any tests you may have done already, any treatment that you have tried, and how it has affected you

2. Baseline testing - Additional tests will be added based on the initial review (R4 000 of initial consult cost will be allocated to testing) - If tests above the cost are required we will give you the choice to do so

3. Consultation - Via Google Meet

4. Treatment - As per the findings that will be shared after the consultation is complete

5. Followup - As per the findings from the consultation

Why is the first consultation so expensive?

Long Covid assessment is costly as it is a multi-systemic disease. The more information we can collect the higher the potential for correctly identifying and honing in on the root cause.

The higher initial cost includes R4,000 worth of baseline testing credit. Whilst we will take every effort to best allocate your budget there is no way around this process unless we do sufficient tests/treatments.

If you are a sufferer who cannot afford this - we can offer more generic treatments (which unfortunately have more side effects and are much less tailored to your condition). Please reach out via the contact form if this is the case.


Who is looking after you?

Long Covid is exclusively seen by Dr Alex Wang - he is a Long Covid sufferer that has recovered 75% after over 18 months of suffering. He has read extensively on this topic as well as attended several clinics/conferences to keep up to date.

This includes (and not limited to)

- Informational sessions with Long Covid clinic with Long Covid practitioners in the US (NY, Mayo Clinic), and Taiwan

-Oxford Long Covid collab hosted by Prof. Danny Altmann

- Research and Digital conferences hosted by Prof. Tomisaku Kawasaki

- Review of literature in major and minor journals

- Extensive participation in online communities related to Long Covid

Please note that despite the best interest of the doctor, Long Covid is not a simple disease to treat nor is the process likely to be fast. This is an extremely complex and poorly understood area. When treated correctly improvements can be made and recovery can be sped up, however, there is unlikely going to be a "silver bullet".