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Urinary Tract Infection Prescription

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 UTIs are a common and unpleasant health problem that affects thousands of South African women. If you are female and have UTI symptoms, a telehealth assessment may be appropriate for you.

For comprehensive information on the symptoms and causes of UTIs in females, you can read our article. 

How to Get Your UTI Treatment Online: 

1. Select and pay for service
2. Complete the assessment form
- Complete 3 min assessment describing your condition
- If required our medical team will contact you for additional information
3. Receive Prescription
- You will receive a digital prescription valid at any South African Pharmacy

What is the difference between the packages?
  • Prescription-only
Medication will be prescribed based on your symptoms. A digital prescription will be sent directly to your email address.

  • With Probiotic
The same as above and includes 14 days of vaginal probiotic tablets included to assist in rebuilding the normal vaginal flora after treatment. This medication will be delivered directly to your address. 

*This service is only offered to women 
*Our medical team cannot treat women who are pregnant and under 16 years of age
*Note: If your medical aid has run out or if you have no medical aid, you will need to pay additional fees for the medication at the pharmacy.

*Please note that if an order is placed on Sunday you will only be contacted via email on Monday