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Getting a Medical Certificate in South Africa

Are you mildly unwell and just need a medical certificate for work or school? You now have the option to save time and get your medical certificate for sick leave online from our team of registered doctors. 

As the demand for virtual healthcare solutions continues to soar, the need for seamless processes, including obtaining medical certificates online, becomes crucial, especially in South Africa.

Medical Certificate issued by a doctor in South Africa online


How to Get a Medical Certificate for Sick Leave

With Get Tested you can order a medical certificate from the comfort of your own home. If you require a medical certificate for 2 days or more here is how you can request one online:

number 1
Select your duration
Indicate the duration for which you need your certificate.
number 2 Complete Medical Assessment
Upon order confirmation, you'll receive an email prompting you to complete a medical assessment 


number 3

Doctor's Evaluation
The medical information you submit will be reviewed by our doctors


number 4

Get Your Certificate 
Within 24 hours, a PDF copy of the medical certificate will be sent to your email


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What happens if I need the certificate for more than 2 days?

Additional testing is required in order for our doctors to issue a certificate exceeding 2 days.

A 2-day certificate will be issued first. We will then ask you to visit a lab nearest to you for a simple examination and a blood sample to be taken by the nurse (all this is included in the cost of R450).


What is the price of a Medical Certificate in South Africa?

Our service provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person doctor appointments. With medical certificates priced at R150 for 1-2 days and R450 for more than 2 days, we include both the cost of the doctor's evaluation and the certificate.

Getting a doctor's appointment can be quite expensive, ranging from R400 to R600. Individuals who only need a certificate and not a comprehensive physical examination may find it costly and time-consuming.


Can I get a Medical Certificate for work without seeing a doctor in person?

For mild illnesses that do not require a doctor's visit, online medical certificates can be provided safely in South Africa. If you are experiencing a more severe illness you might need to visit a doctor in person.


Is getting a Medical Certificate online legal & valid?

A valid medical certificate needs to come from a licensed doctor. Getting one online is just like visiting your regular doctor or making an in-person appointment. The certificate should have the doctor's info, like their practice number, your details, and the dates for sick leave.

If your employer or organization has any questions about your certificate, they can verify its validity directly with us.


How does a sick note differ from a general Medical Certificate?

A medical certificate is a general term for a document issued by a healthcare professional, providing details about a person's health condition. A sick note is a specific type of medical certificate specifically stating that an individual is unfit for work due to illness. Essentially, a sick note is a type of medical certificate with a focus on work-related implications.


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